Properly Protected and BEMOTO have joined forces with Raceshift to offer tailor-made policies for our respective clients that protect your lifestyle should you be involved in an accident whilst riding on track. Cover for you, your bikes and even your Race van.

  • Sports including motorsports (amateur and professional)
  • Work (even high risk occupations)
  • Home or away (worldwide cover 24/7)

Properly Protected provide Personal Protection plans designed to cover the most valuable asset in your home. You!
  • Income Protection Plans: Paying tax free monthly benefit should you be unable to work due to Injury or Illness.
  • Personal Accident Plan: Pays lump sum payments for Fractures, Dislocations, Burns, hospitalisation, total Permanent disability and accidental death.
  • Personal Injury plan: Lump sum payments payable for breaks, fractures, dislocations, ACL, hospitalisation
  • Accidental death plan: Lump sum payment made in the event of death in an accident.
  • European Track day Repatriation cover: Pays emergency medical expenses and also gets you and your bike home if you are injured on track in Europe.

BEMOTO offer cover for your bike and van:
  • Track Bike fire and theft cover (including no V5)
  • Race van Insurance
  • Track Bike damage cover. (UK and EU tracks)
  • Road Bike Insurance, including multibike and specials cover.


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Medical treatment in Spain and some other European countries is not automatically available free of
charge, and treatment required as a result of a dangerous activity (such as track days) is chargeable
at most hospitals in Spain and at some hospitals in other European countries. So all circuits in Spain
(and some in other European countries) insist that riders are properly insured for medical costs.
Standard travel insurance and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) scheme do not cover track
days so riders should obtain specialist insurance that covers any medical expenses that may result
from participation in a motorcycle track day event.

An EHIC is available free of charge for most UK residents and offers free or discounted medical
treatment at state-owned hospitals in the EEC, but it does not always cover dangerous activities such
as track days, it does not offer any discount at privately owned hospitals, and it does not cover
repatriation costs. So while it is essential to have an EHIC for any trip to Europe, it WILL NOT be
accepted as proof of insurance for riding on the circuit. If you require medical treatment as a result
of any non-circuit-related activity, you should firstly present your EHIC to the hospital, and then only
provide your medical insurance details if your EHIC is not accepted. UK residents can apply online for
an EHIC free of charge at

Suitable insurance is available – either as an annual policy, or as a single trip policy. This covers
medical and repatriation costs, and cover for luggage, cancelation, curtailment, delay, etc. is usually
either included or available as an add-on extra if required.
Some insurance providers/options are listed below (others may be available)…

THE ADVENTURES POLICY (UK residents only):
This is available to cover track days with an add-on option to cover racing. Cover for luggage,
cancelation, curtailment, delay, etc. is also available as an add-on option if required.
The Adventures policy is available from the providers listed below, and may also be available from
other providers not listed here:
P J Hayman: Buy online at or call 02392 419 070
Trackcover: Buy online at or call 02392 419838 and quote COV2086
Four Counties Insurance: Buy online at or call 01394 605100

This is available for UK residents only and is widely marketed under many different names including
Holidaysafe, Voyager, Travelmaster, Bemoto, Infinity, Alpha and others. A search on Google
will quickly show you many brokers that can provide this insurance.
Note: Insurance underwritten by TIF is not accepted at Almeria circuit. TIF insurance can
be accepted at Andalucia Circuit but you will be taken to the state hospital instead of the private
hospital that is normally used and a deposit of £110 is required to cover the cost of an ambulance if

There may be other suitable insurance available, or you may already have another policy that covers
track days, or can have track day cover added as an option. This can be accepted if it is accompanied
by a written confirmation (in English) from your insurer specifically stating that you are covered for
all medical/repatriation expenses that may arise from riding a motorcycle on a motor racing circuit in

It is important that adequate travel insurance be purchased to cover all additional travel, accommodation, hire car, parking and all other associated costs born by attending one of our events as the seller shall not be liable for reimbursement of said costs in the unfortunate situation of event cancellation.

For further information view our terms and conditions